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About the Community College Scheme


                The Community College Scheme was started in colleges as per the guidelines of 12th  plan proposal of UGC. In this regard the college applied for the scheme and sanction was accorded by the UGC for the starting of two courses viz. Automobile Engineering and Hospitality Management  at Government College, Attingal.  As per the directions given by the Government of Kerala, the college planned to implement the scheme in association with Government Polytechnic College, Attingal with two industrial partners viz. m/s Deedi Automobiles and m/s Travancore Heritage. Hence, we constituted the Board of Management and Board of Studies for the above courses in association with Government Polytechnic College  Attingal and signed MoUs with the industrial partners.  But, in a meeting held by UGC, the co-ordinator of the programme was directed to implement the scheme without any association with Government Polytechnic College. Thus, we lost our industrial partners who were already signed MoUs with Government Polytechnic College, Attingal. But, within no time we locate two industrial partners viz. m/s  Perfect Hyundai and m/s Uday Samudra and signed MoUs with them for starting of the courses. The first batch of 40 students were admitted for the programme on Automobile Engineering and are doing their training programme in the workshop of Perfect Hyundai.  Also another batch of 40 students were admitted to the programme on Hospitality Management who are undergoing training at Udai Suites, Thiruvananthapuram.


Co ordinator - Dr. C Rajasekharan Pillai, Associate  professor of Economics.

                          (Also the State Coordinator of Community College)


Courses Offered.

Sl. No. Name of the Course Seats available Duration of the course
1 Auto Mobile Engineering 40 6 Months
2 Hospitality Management 40 6 Months


Industrial Partners.

Perfect Honda , Karakulam   for Automobile Engineering

Hotal Uday Samudra,  for Hospitality management.



The Principal of the college, who acts in consultation with the college council is vested with the power to run the internal administration of the college. The following rules have been framed by the Government for the working of the College Council

The College Council shall consist of Principal, Head of Departments of each subject of study and two elected members from the teaching staff and college librarian.  The Principal shall be the ex-officio President of the Council. The Council shall appoint one of the members as Secretary. The member so appointed shall hold office for one year but shall be eligible for re-election.

The general administration of the college shall be vest with the Principal subject to the control of the Director of Collegiate Education. Some of the general administrative work is done with the help of the Council under the general supervision of the Principal, e.g,  library, athletics, maintenance of the buildings and grounds etc.

All questions of promotion, true certificate and scholarship shall usually be decided by the Council.

All cases of serious misconduct on the part of the students attracting punishments like forfeiture of their term or certificates or their removal or their expulsion from the college shall be dealt with by the Principal usually in consultation with the College Council.

Meeting of the Council shall be convened at such times as the Principal may consider necessary. The principal shall also convene a meeting when required to do so by the Director of the Collegiate Education or on the written requisition of not less than two of the members.

Not less than three days notice of the meeting shall ordinarily be given to each member. The notice should generally be accompanied by the agenda.

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to give notice of the meeting of the Council,  to keep a record of the proceeding of such meeting and to forward to the Director of the Collegiate Education through the Principal copy of the proceedings of the meeting.

The Principal or in his her absence, the senior most Professor present shall take the chair at all meeting of the Council.

Not less than a majority of the members shall form the quorum and all questions shall be decided by a majority of the votes of members present. If the votes including the votes of the Chairman are equally divided, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Principal may overrule the decision of the College Council but in such cases he shall make a report to the Director of Collegiate Education setting forth his reasons for doing so.

The Chairman shall be the sole judge of any point of order, the may call any member to order and shall have power to make any action as may be necessary to enforce his/her decision.

The budget shall be framed by the Principal in consultation with the members of the Council and forwarded to the Director of Collegiate Education.

Notwithstanding anything contained in the foregoing rules the Principal shall be competent to dispose of any matter which should ordinarily be disposed of by the Council.


Hirarchy of Administration

           The Director of Collegiate Education - Kerala.


           Senior Superintendent.

           Head of the Departments.


Antiragging Committee

Chairman: Dr. Manikantan Nair .V  (Principal)

Members: Ward Councillor

                    CI of Police

                    Vijayan Palazhi              (Media)

                    Savitha Balakrishnan  (NGO)

                    Vice President, PTA      (Parent Member)

                    Sri. Lekshmi Chandrasekhar ( Vice Principal)

                    Dr.Sunil Raj.N.V

                    Pradeep Kumar.K

                    Lakshmi Nair.M.T          (I BSc Maths)

                    Abhirami                          (I Mcom) 

Antiragging Cell

Convenor:             Dr.Anitha.S

Members:             Sashila.A

                                Dr.Abraham. M.P



                                                Lakshmi Chandrasekhar

                                                Ragesh K. H

                                               Dr.Sunil Raj N.V


Chairman:            Dr. V. Manikantan Nair

Coordinator :        Dr. Sunil Raj .N.V

Members:                               Dr. K Pradeep Kumar

                                                  Pradeep Kumar .K

                                                  Jairaj. J

                                                  Shalini Lawence

                                                  Dr.Seethalekshmi. V

                                                  Prabha. J

                                                 Sunil. S

                                                 Sibukumar. D

                                                 College Union Chairman

                                                 Praveen Chandra

                                                 Senior Superintendent

                                                Director of Collegiate Education

                                                Anilkumar S.V

                                               Manager, Perfect Honda, Chaka

Women's Cell

Convenor:      Anitha.S

Members:                           Sashila.A



                                            Thushara P.S

                                            Jasmin. M


Grievance Redressal Cell                           

Chairman:         Principal           

Members:                          Ward Councillor

                                            CI of Police

                                            Vijayan Palazhi         (Media)

                                           Savitha Balakrishnan (NGO)

                                           Vice President, PTA     (Parent Member)

                                           Vice Principal

                                           Sunilraj N.V

                                          Pradeep Kumar.K

                                          Lakshmi Nair .M.T

                                          Abhirami     (Student Representative)

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