Attendance and Leave

  1. Students are not permitted to absent themselves without leave for the whole or part of a day.
  2. Absence without leave for part of a day will entail for failure of attendance for the whole day.
  3. A student absent from the College for more than fifteen consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation is liable to have his/her name removed from the rolls. A student seeking re-admission after such removal should pay the prescribed re-admission fee of Rs.10.
  4. Leave of absence should be obtained from the Principal on the recommendation of the Head of the Department. As far as possible; leave should be obtained before hand. If the ground of application for the leave is not clear or satisfactory, the student may be called upon to explain or the leave may be rejected.
  5. Application for leave for a period may be granted by the tutor of the student .
  6. Students who are obliged to leave a class owing to indisposition must obtain endorsement from the teacher in-charge of the class at the time.
  7. Application for leave for more than three days should be supported either by a letter from parent/guardian or by a medical certificate in case of illness.
  8. The minimum attendance prescribed by the University is three-fourth of the number of the working days in the academic year. Exemption from shortage of attendance (subject to maximum of 20 days) can be granted by the Syndicate on recommendation of the Principal provided leave has been applied for and granted for absence on satisfactory grounds.
  9. Duty leave for physical education activities will be granted only to athletes representing the college or the University in various matches, tournaments and sports events.
  10. A student deputed to participate in matches, tournaments and sports events, should submit his/her leave application duly recommended by the Physical Director to the Head of the Department (Main subject) for necessary action not later than one week after the events.
  11. The maximum period for which duty leave can be granted to a student for sports and athletic activities will be limited to 10% of the total number of working days.


Note:-    Those students who leave the college are advised to get the refund of their caution deposit immediately, as unclaimed caution deposits will lapse to Government after a specified period. Those students who wish to discontinue their studies should apply for the same at the end of the term or at any rate before the commencement of the succeeding term.


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