How To Download Jceceb Nursing Admit Card

Learn how to easily download the JCECEB Nursing Admit Card 2023. Follow our comprehensive step-by-step guide to ensure a hassle-free process. Find answers to FAQs about registration numbers and details on the admit card.


Aspiring nurses in Jharkhand, get ready to take a significant step towards your dream career! The Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (Jceceb Nursing Admit Card) is all set to conduct the Jharkhand B.Sc. Nursing entrance exam. This crucial exam requires careful preparation, and one of the primary requirements is your admit card. The admit card is more than just a piece of paper; it’s your gateway to the examination hall and your identity proof during the crucial hours of the exam.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the seamless process of downloading your JCECEB Nursing Admit Card 2023. Whether you’re a first-time applicant or someone who’s been through this process before, this article is designed to provide valuable insights, clear your doubts, and ensure you’re well-prepared to face the examination with confidence.

How To Download JCECEB Nursing Admit Card

1. Visit the Official Website

To initiate the process, visit the official website of the Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (JCECEB) at This is the designated platform where you can access your admit card.

2. Click on “Admit Card” Option

Upon reaching the official website, locate and click on the “Admit Card” option. This will direct you to the page where you can proceed with the admit card download process.

3. Select Examination

Choose the specific examination you are appearing for, which in this case is “Jharkhand B.Sc. Nursing.” This step ensures that you are provided with the correct admit card tailored to your examination.

4. Enter Login Credentials

Enter your login ID and password credentials that were issued to you for the exam. These unique credentials are essential to verify your identity and grant you access to your admit card.

5. Download Admit Card

After entering your login credentials, click on the “Download Admit Card” button. This action will trigger the system to generate and display your admit card on the screen.

6. Verify Details and Print

Take a moment to thoroughly review all the details mentioned on the admit card. Ensure that your name, photograph, signature, exam date, time, and venue are accurately depicted. Once confirmed, proceed to download and print the admit card for future reference.

7. Carry Admit Card to Examination Center

It is of utmost importance to carry your downloaded admit card to the examination center. This document serves as proof of your identity and grants you entry to the exam hall.

How To Find JCECEB Nursing Registration Number

If you’re wondering where to find your registration number for downloading the Jharkhand BSc Nursing Admit Card 2023, follow these steps:

  • Check Confirmation Email or SMS: Look for the registration confirmation email or SMS that you received after submitting your application form. Your registration number is usually included in this message along with other essential details such as your name, date of birth, and application number.
  • Contact JCECEB Helpline: In case you’ve lost your registration confirmation message, don’t worry. You can contact the JCECEB helpline for assistance. They will guide you through the process of retrieving your registration number.

Details Mentioned on Jharkhand BSc Nursing Admit Card

The Jharkhand BSc Nursing Admit Card typically contains the following crucial details:

  • Candidate’s Name: Your full name, as it appears in your application.
  • Candidate’s Photograph: A recent passport-sized photograph of you.
  • Candidate’s Signature: Your scanned or printed signature.
  • Exam Date and Time: The specific date and time of your examination.
  • Exam Venue: The address of the examination center where you are required to report.
  • Roll Number: A unique identification number assigned to you for the examination.
  • Application Number: The number assigned to your application form.
  • Instructions: Important guidelines to follow during the examination.

It is vital to meticulously review all the details on the admit card to ensure their accuracy. If you identify any discrepancies, promptly report them to the exam conducting authority for correction.

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Q1: Can I access my registration number if I lost the confirmation message?

Yes, if you’ve misplaced your registration confirmation message, you can contact the JCECEB helpline or support team to retrieve your registration number. Alternatively, some websites mention that the login credentials required to download the admit card are the User ID and Password issued for the exam.

Q2: What should I do if I find errors on my admit card?

If you discover any inaccuracies on your admit card, such as incorrect personal details or exam-related information, it’s crucial to promptly notify the exam conducting authority. They will guide you on the necessary corrective measures.

Q3: Is it mandatory to carry the admit card to the examination center?

Yes, it is imperative to carry your admit card to the examination center. The admit card serves as proof of your identity and grants you access to the exam hall. Without it, you may not be permitted to take the exam.

Q4: Can I change my examination center after downloading the admit card?

In most cases, examination centers are fixed once the admit card is generated. However, if you have a valid reason for changing the center, it’s advisable to contact the exam conducting authority well in advance and inquire about the possibility of such changes.

Q5: Can I appear for the exam without the admit card?

No, you cannot appear for the exam without the admit card. The admit card is a mandatory document that validates your eligibility and identity for the examination. It is essential to carry it with you to the exam center.

Q6: Are the instructions on the admit card important to follow?

Yes, the instructions provided on the admit card are crucial. They outline essential guidelines and rules that you must adhere to during the examination. Deviating from these instructions could lead to disqualification or other complications.


Downloading the JCECEB Nursing Admit Card is a straightforward process when you follow the step-by-step guide provided here. Ensuring the accuracy of your admit card details is essential, as it impacts your exam experience and eligibility. By being well-prepared and well-informed, you can approach the examination day with confidence and readiness.

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