How To Download Mongla Admit Card: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to download your Mongla Admit Card hassle-free! Follow the step-by-step process, recover your User ID if lost, and find answers to common queries.


In the modern digital age, obtaining essential documents like the Mongla Admit Card has never been more accessible. Whether you’re a student preparing for exams or an applicant gearing up for an interview, having the admit card is pivotal. This comprehensive guide is your compass to navigate the process of downloading your Mongla Admit Card seamlessly.

Beyond the general steps, this article aims to empower you with insights and strategies for a smoother experience. We understand that the digital realm can sometimes be overwhelming, so we’re here to not only guide you through the process but also provide additional tips to ensure you’re well-prepared.

How To Download Mongla Admit Card

To ensure a seamless process, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of Mongla Custom House at
  2. Access Admit Card Option: On the homepage, locate and click on the “Admit Card” option.
  3. Provide Your Credentials: Enter your User ID and Password in the designated fields. These credentials are usually provided during registration.
  4. Submit and Download: Once your details are entered, hit the “Submit” button. Your admit card will be ready for download.

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How To Recover User ID For Mongla Admit Card

If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve misplaced your User ID, don’t fret. Follow these steps to recover it:

  1. Visit the Recovery Page: Head to the official website of Mongla Custom House at
  2. Select Recover User ID: On the page, click on the “Recover User ID” option.
  3. Provide Your Details: Enter your name, father’s name, and mobile number in the specified fields. This information will help verify your identity.
  4. Submit for Recovery: After entering the required information, click the “Submit” button to initiate the recovery process.

Customer Support Number For User ID Recovery?

While there isn’t a specific customer support number provided for User ID recovery, you have alternative methods to regain access:

  • Follow Previous Steps: You can follow the steps mentioned earlier to recover your User ID.
  • Send an SMS: Send an SMS to 16222 with the message “MCH <Space> User ID” to recover your User ID.
  • Contact Relevant Authorities: If you’re still facing difficulties, don’t hesitate to reach out to the relevant authorities for assistance.


Q1: Can I download my Mongla Admit Card without a User ID?

A: No, the User ID is essential for downloading your Mongla Admit Card. Make sure you have your User ID before proceeding.

Q2: What should I do if my password is incorrect?

A: If your password is incorrect, there is usually an option to reset or recover it on the same login page. Follow the prompts to reset your password.

Q3: How long does it take to recover the User ID?

A: The recovery process is usually quick. Once you submit the necessary information, you should receive your User ID within a short period.

Q4: Can I use someone else’s mobile number for User ID recovery?

A: No, the mobile number used for recovery must be the one associated with your account. Using a different number may result in verification issues.

Q5: Is the SMS recovery method available 24/7?

A: Yes, the SMS recovery method is available at any time. You can send the message whenever you need to recover your User ID.

Q6: What if I still can’t recover my User ID?

A: If you’re encountering difficulties with User ID recovery, consider reaching out to the relevant authorities through official channels for further assistance.


Downloading your Mongla Admit Card doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following the step-by-step process and utilizing the recovery options available, you can easily obtain your admit card without any hassle. Remember that in case of any issues, there are multiple ways to seek assistance. With this guide at your disposal, you’re ready to navigate the process with confidence.

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