How To Check Mpbse Nic Result, A Comprehensive Guide


As the academic year comes to an end, students across Madhya Pradesh eagerly await their MPBSE NIC results. Whether it’s for class 10th or 12th, accessing exam results is a significant moment for every student. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process of checking your MPBSE NIC result using various methods, including the official website and SMS. So, let’s dive in and find out how you can get your results with ease.

How To Check MPBSE NIC Result: Online Method

Step 1: Visit The Official Website

To begin, open your web browser and head to the official website of the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE).

Step 2: Look For The Result Link

Once you land on the homepage, look for the link related to the MPBSE NIC result. The link is usually prominently displayed to make it easily accessible for students.

Step 3: Enter Your Credentials

After clicking on the result link, you’ll be redirected to a new page. Here, you’ll need to enter your roll number and any other required details as per the instructions given on the website.

Step 4: Submit The Information

Double-check all the details you’ve entered to ensure accuracy. Once you’re sure everything is correct, click the “Submit” button to proceed.

Step 5: Wait For The Result To Load

After submitting your information, the website will process your request, and your result will appear on the screen. This may take a few seconds, so be patient.

Step 6: Download And Take A Printout

Once your MPBSE NIC result is displayed, download it as a PDF document for future reference. Additionally, consider taking a printout of the result to have a physical copy.

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How To Check The MPBSE NIC Result: SMS Method

While the online method is the most common way to access results, the MPBSE also offers an SMS method for students who prefer this option.

To check the result through SMS, students need to provide the following details:

  1. Roll number
  2. Other required credentials, such as name, date of birth, etc. (depending on the website)

It’s essential to keep these details ready in advance to avoid any inconvenience while checking the result. The detailed steps for checking the MPBSE result through SMS will be announced along with the result declaration. So, stay updated on the official website or local news for the SMS method’s specific instructions.


Q: Can I check my MPBSE NIC result through the official website after the result declaration?

A: Yes, you can access your result on the official website even after the result declaration. The results are typically available for an extended period to accommodate students’ needs.

Q: What if I forget my roll number? Is there any way to retrieve it?

A: If you forget your roll number, don’t panic. You can usually retrieve your roll number from your admit card or by contacting your school’s examination department.

Q: Can I access the result for both class 10th and 12th through the same website?

A: Yes, the official website of the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education caters to both class 10th and 12th students’ result inquiries.

Q: Is it necessary to download and print the result?

A: While it’s not compulsory, we highly recommend downloading and taking a printout of your result for future reference. Having a physical copy can be beneficial for various purposes.

Q: Is the SMS method free of charge, or are there any charges involved?

A: The specific charges for checking results through SMS may vary depending on your mobile network operator. It’s advisable to check with your service provider for any applicable charges.

Q: Can I access the MPBSE NIC result through mobile apps?

A: Currently, the MPBSE result can be checked through the official website and SMS method. As of now, there are no specific mobile apps for result checking.


Checking your MPBSE NIC result is a straightforward process, thanks to the easy-to-follow steps outlined in this guide. By visiting the official website or using the SMS method, students can quickly obtain their results. Remember to keep your credentials handy and double-check all details before submitting. Celebrate your achievements and plan your future academic endeavors with confidence!

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