How To Download Uniraj Admit Card: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to easily download your Uniraj admit card for upcoming exams. Follow our step-by-step instructions and find answers to common queries about the process.


In the journey of academic pursuits, examinations are pivotal moments that pave the way for future success. The University of Rajasthan, fondly known as Uniraj, stands as a beacon of education and learning. As you prepare to embark on your examination adventure, a vital document becomes your companion: the admit card. This article doesn’t just stop at guiding you through the download process; it’s here to equip you with a wealth of insights and knowledge that’ll empower you to navigate the academic landscape with confidence.

How To Download Uniraj Admit Card

To ensure a smooth process of downloading your Uniraj admit card, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Official Website: Open your web browser and navigate to the official website of the University of Rajasthan at

2. Find the Admit Card Section: On the homepage, locate the “Admit Card” section. This is usually prominently displayed to guide you to the right place.

3. Select Your Exam: Within the Admit Card section, you’ll find a list of available exams. Choose the appropriate exam for which you need to download the admit card.

4. Provide Required Information: Depending on the exam, you will need to enter specific information such as your form number, registration number, roll number, or name and date of birth.

5. Click Check/Download: After entering the required information, click on the “Check/Download” button. This will generate your admit card on the screen.

6. View and Download: Review the details on the admit card. If everything is correct, you can proceed to download the admit card. Save it to your device for future reference.

7. Contact Examination Department: In case you face any issues during the process, don’t worry. You can always reach out to the university’s examination department for assistance.

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Information Needed To Download Your Uniraj Admit Card

Before you start the download process, ensure you have the following information at hand:

  • Form Number: The unique identification number assigned when you filled out the application form for the exam.
  • Registration Number: The number provided to you during the registration process.
  • Roll Number: The specific number assigned for the examination.
  • Name: Your full name as mentioned in the application form.
  • Date of Birth: Your date of birth as mentioned in the application form.

With these details in place, you are ready to proceed to the official website and download your admit card.

What Are The Login Details Required?

The login details required to download the Uniraj admit card might vary depending on the specific exam. Generally, candidates may need a username and password to access their admit card. It’s essential to check the instructions provided by the university or the official website for accurate information about the required login details. Remember that the login details might differ from one exam to another.


Q1: Can I download my admit card without visiting the official website?

Yes, you must visit the official website of the University of Rajasthan to download your admit card. The official website ensures the authenticity of the document.

Q2: What if there is an error on my admit card?

If you notice any errors on your admit card, promptly contact the university’s examination department for assistance. They will guide you through the correction process.

Q3: Is the form number the same as the registration number?

No, the form number and registration number are distinct. The form number is assigned when you fill out the application form, while the registration number is provided during the registration process.

Q4: Can I change my exam details after downloading the admit card?

No, once you’ve downloaded your admit card, the details are usually final. Make sure to double-check all information before downloading.

Q5: What if I forget my password for downloading the admit card?

If you forget your password, most official websites provide a “Forgot Password” option. You can use this to reset your password and access your admit card.

Q6: How early should I download my admit card before the exam?

It’s advisable to download your admit card as soon as it’s available. This ensures you have ample time to address any issues that might arise.


Downloading your Uniraj admit card is a straightforward process that requires you to provide accurate information and follow the steps on the official website. By following our comprehensive guide and understanding the necessary details, you can ensure a smooth experience as you prepare for your exams. In case of any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact the university’s examination department for prompt assistance.

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